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Non-Slip Safety Solutions products are specifically designed to create a Slip-Resistant Surface that is not only economical, but fast and easy to apply. Our products are specially formulated to react with hard mineral surfaces such as:
Ceramic, Quarry, Porcelain Tile, Granite, Marble, Slate, Terrazzo, Glazed Brick, Glazed Concrete and Porcelain Bathtubs.


NON-SLIP SAFETY SOLUTIONS has mastered a process that combines the last 20 years of bio-technology into an absolute fool-proof Slip Resistive Safety Treatment. From warehouses to porcelain bathtubs, our products work without damaging the integrity of the surface, making it safer than ever before imagined.

First we use specially formulated cleaners which on their own bring up the Co-Efficient of Friction (C.O.F.). Then, we expand the tiles porosity to allow access for a sealer which is then absorbed into and overlaps onto the treated surface. Finally after the appropriate non-slip coating has been laid, we provide a simple yet detailed, comprehensive cleaning regimen. This process is unique in the world today.

NON-SLIP SAFETY SOLUTIONS insures our process is working by always testing before, during and after the process with an accurate slip meter. NON-SLIP SAFETY SOLUTIONS is the only product that not only guarantees our slip resistive properties but also seals the floor and grout preventing grease, oil, dirt and most molecular compounds from penetrating the surface. Combined with our 100% organic cleaning products, your surfaces will be the picture of safety while continuing to look brand new.

Our products are second only to our customer service. In addition to a four year warranty, we personally guarantee the quality of our work. We are at our clients’ disposal at ANY time and understand that safety and peace of mind are invaluable to them.

NON-SLIP SAFETY SOLUTIONS’ goal is to provide our clients with a comprehensive floor safety program through our network of trained professional application specialists, who will provide a solid foundation for slip/fall prevention by:

  • Increasing the Co-efficient of Friction (C.O.F.) of the floor surface to a safety compliance that exceeds the minimum value of 0.50.
  • Recording the (C.O.F.) conditions of the surface treated, before, during, and after application, using an American Slip Meter, Model ASM 825 static co-efficient of friction test meter.
  • Providing documentation to demonstrate that a proper degree of due diligence has been initiated by you, the client, indicating your commitment to slip and fall prevention.
  • Providing a recommended daily maintenance program to assist in maintaining the C.O.F. and sustaining the safety benchmark achieved through our Slip Resistive Treatment.


Prevent it before it happens

NON-SLIP SAFETY SOLUTIONS is able to raise a floors Co-Efficient of Friction (C.O.F). that has water, soap and slimy residues up from a tested C.O.F. of .26 wet to an incredible C.O.F. of .68 to.78 wet EVERY TIME. It will not dull or tarnish any glaze by more than 5 % using our newly developed combination of chemicals and controlled application process that involves our “SRS” Slip Resistive Sealer.

NON-SLIP SAFETY SOLUTIONS would welcome the opportunity to make your place of business a safer place for employees and customers alike. Please contact us by e-mail or phone: 732.673.6620, should you require any further information about our floor and bathtub safety treatments.

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